Since we were founded in 2016, SEKK has grown from just a few pioneers to a team of dedicated & selfless leaders worth their weight in gold in their own right.

Every leadership team member has a vital part they play in providing SEKKIANS service & despite coming from different backgrounds, the thing they have in common is a passion for the purpose they have. Read their bios to find out abit about them & how they keep us running.  

Bwana Lukas Kamau

Bwana Lukas Kamau


As founder of SEKK, Lukas is responsible for the overall leadership and management of SEKK. Because of his philanthropic ways and composed mannerisms, he has a lifelong commitment to charity work. Working closely with the leadership team, he steers the development of the organisation’s long-term strategy, budget and modules to ensure they comply with the law and regulations.

He also plays a key role in motivating and engaging volunteers, the leadership team, members and prospective partners and it is in this capacity that Lukas assumes responsibility as Chairman for SEKK.

His ambition is to ensure that SEKK is there for it’s members when they need us most & that generations to follow will be part of this great organisation.

He supports the Gunners & Mathare United, enjoys dancing, cooking and travelling. His favourite foods are authentic traditional Kenyan delicacies like Osuga, Mbuta & Managu.

Bi Lydia Tett Olet

Bi Lydia Tett Olet

Vice Chairlady

Lydia is part of the pioneer team & she has a successful track record of delivering value, collaboration and innovation in the community.

She is the Chief Organizer of the annual event, Kenyans and Friends in the Park which brings together Kenyans living in the United Kingdom to network and it is in this capacity that she assumes responsibility to provide professional and wide-ranging executive support & planning service to the Chairman.

She directly supports the team with relevant advisory and planning support & is the MC of our functions including our Annual General Meetings(AGM).

She is a proud full-time single mum, enjoys travelling & her favourite food is Ugali, Nyama and Sukuma. In her own words, her greatest achievement to date is rebuilding a School in Kibera, Kenya working with charity.

Bwana Denis Otingo-Onyango

Bwana Denis Otingo-Onyango

Secretary General

Denis is one of the pioneer members and has been with SEKK since its inception. He is responsible for communication and all correspondences with our organisation stakeholders.

He is involved in strengthening the organisation’s strategy and development with particular focus on policies and procedures that enhances delivery of results. He also facilitates and monitors the implementation of planned activities and community engagements.

He supports the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee by making sure meetings are effectively organised and minuted. He is mandated to maintain effective records/ administration & uphold the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law (where relevant).

He always demonstrates composure & his non-confrontational approaches aid meetings to be rational.

His vocational activities are politics, swimming & socialising. He also likes fitness & relishes the challenge of running the 10 mile London Marathon In 2020.

His favourite food is Nyama Choma, deep fried Tilapia & is a passionate supporter of Chelsea FC and Gor Mahia in equal measure.

Bi Sally Syanda

Bi Sally Syanda


Sally is part of the pioneer team & she joined SEKK to manage the financial function of the organisation. She is in charge of maintaining the day to day book-keeping activity, managing the purchase ledger and recording all income received in our accounts.

She keeps the income – expenditure analysis, maintains the sales register & is also responsible for presenting financial reports & statements. Her impartiality is next to none and her vibrancy always brings energy to the meetings.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with loved ones, going on long drives, watching comedy/ action movies. She has an interest in archery, go karting & loves knitting. Her favourite author is Lee Child & supports Kenya in whatever they participate in.

Favourite quote: Never allow anyone to offend you. (Source: my dad, September 2019).

Bwana Mwangi Muturi

Bwana Mwangi Muturi

Group Administrator

Mwangi joined SEKK in June 2019 & offers organisational support to the other teams while providing coordination between them. Additionally he identifies & liaisons with relevant partners, assist and facilitate the partnership in the implementation of planned activities in support of our charitable objectives. He is also tasked with implementing new procedures and administrative systems.

He is tasked on laying out digital communications, organising social media and other publicity work, handling correspondence, marketing functions, the SEKK brand & leading ad-hoc projects as required.

He has a background in charity work, previously working at Norwood Charity in Borehamwood.

Mwangi is fond of dogs & is thrilled by motor sports like rallying, extreme off road challenges & rock crawling. He has a passion for decorating and landscaping and also enjoys watching rugby and boxing.

Bwana Joram Thuo Njoroge

Bwana Joram Thuo Njoroge

Media & Logistics Team Leader

Being part of the pioneer team, Joram has been assigned to take charge of our in house media & logistics platform. He is responsible for the planning, coordination, direction, production, and animation of all video and photography content for our in house content.

He is mandated to facilitate this content to be turned around expertly, quickly and edited, working alongside the Group Coordinator and to produce required content for web and social media information. His eagerness to direct both content and social blueprint and contribute the overall growth of our outreach strategy enables him to plan and execute digital editorial procedures with a focus on driving brand awareness and audience engagement.

Apart from his philanthropic duties at SEKK, he is also our resident DJ & humorist.

Pastor Jayne Kaaria

Pastor Jayne Kaaria

South Kent Coordinator

Is responsible for delivering SEKK mobilisation strategy in the areas of___

In her own right, she and her husband Rev. Moffat are passionate community champions leading the GLMC Gladtidings- a Christian faith based charitable community group that is based in Gravesend Kent but operates throughout the wider county of Kent in the United Kingdom. They serve the community in various ways e.g Spiritual guidance, counselling etc.

Her humility & positivity enables her to lead the organisations members relationship management. Her role ensures all teams in the organisation work harmoniously to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling to exotic locations & her most memorable sporting activity was speed boat wakesurfing in the Red Sea. Her favourite food is Matoke & supports Chelsea FC because her son does.

Bi Meggie Mungai

Bi Meggie Mungai

Events Organizer

With a background on Corperate Management in the Events & Hospitality Industry, Meggie joined SEKK in July 2019 to head the Events Organising team & her presence has really been felt.

Being a self-starter, task driven and adaptable Meggie has the overall responsibility for making sure events are successful, cost-effective, within the specified time frame & not leaving anything to chance.

She is commissioned to coordinate all operations from – leading promotional activities for the event & ensure it is completed smoothly- to analyze the event’s success and produce post-event evaluation for all events.

Despite her exemplary organisational skills, her selflessness to everyone is her true attribute.

She enjoys swimming, travelling, homecook and is an avid reader. Her favourite food is Sushi, Swahili dishes & Mútura. She supports Manchester United.

Apart from being a woman after God’s heart, she represented Nairobi on a duet singing competition sang as a soloist in Wasonga’s choir. Her greatest achievement is being a mum to her son Mst. Merlin Darcy Mungai

Bi Stacey Munga

Bi Stacey Munga

South East West Zone Coordinator

Having served in significant leadership roles in community empowerment, Stacey joined SEKK in July of 2019 to head the South East West Zone as a mobiliser and organiser.

She is in the forefront of engaging in activities that will promote increased community effectiveness, capacity, self reliance, and empowerment.

She is eager to come up with appropriate strategies for using internal and external resources to reach common community goals.

She is responsible for effectively and efficiently facilitating the implementation of the SEKK ethos at the zonal level to ensure that communities are empowered for sustainable development and they contribute to community well being at large.

With a colourful history in modelling, her glamour & fashionable sense always reminds us to dress how we would want to be addressed.

Her leisure activity includes travel, music, reading current affairs & cookery. She enjoys Indian food, watching boxing & tennis.

Bwana Anthony Thuo

Bwana Anthony Thuo

South East East Zone Coordinator

Anthony is instrumental at SEKK with his strong conviction that by working together, and building the strongest possible team, we will accomplish our goals.

He has a passion for mentoring the youth & has taken responsibility to encourage residents take an interest in, and engage with the leadership team to discuss local issues affecting them or their community through consultations and other media. Being part of the forefront team in events, he identifies the lessons learned from evidence-based practice and outcomes to inform the future delivery of social infrastructure and support the development of new sustainable seminars within South East and Kent.

Bwana Thuo is an avid Chelsea supporter and enjoys devouring nyama choma, ugali, managu and milk.

Bi Lucy Macharia

Bi Lucy Macharia

Children's Welfare Coordinator

As part of the pioneer team, Lucy is very passionate about her role we sometimes wonder if it is the kids she looks after so well ama ni sisi? Her motherly nature always makes the group feel homely whenever we attends meetings.

She has extensive experience working with children both at voluntary and professional levels. As a mother of three herself, she is proudly Kenyan/African and loves to instill Christian and cultural values in the children. She has been a Sunday school teacher for over 20 years & has participated in children’s activities and competitions as a leader and teacher.

Her hobbies include singing, dancing, listening to music/kikuyu online radio and cherishes spending time with family. She loves ugali na samaki stew. Basketball is her favourite sport which she played in school and college upto national level competition.

Bi Monicah Gichu

Bi Monicah Gichu

Children's Welfare Coodinator

At the heart of our children’s welfare is Monicah who proactively and promptly reviews and tracks emails, invitations, complaints, incidents and safeguarding measures concerning the children. She provides clarity of outcome / actions and ensures these are followed to the letter.

In her directorship she compliments Lucy by creating an environment which empowers the children to learn and be better individuals. With her smile that exudes sincerity her tact-full sense with the kids creates order and peace which isn’t as easy as people think it is.

Monicah enjoys travelling & swimming, she is an Arsenal supporter & has proudly done the 5 &10k race for cancer.

Bwana Paul Anthony Kanja (Simba)

Bwana Paul Anthony Kanja (Simba)

West Kent Coodinator

Kanja is the recent addition to SEKK and he was welcomed in October 2019 after successfully mobilising Kenyans from the West Kent area and being part of the organising committee for our first ever cultural event held in Ashford, Kent. Currently, apart from being part of SEKK, he has participated in counseling of young homeless people especially immigrants around Kent on a voluntarily scheme.

His active contribution to the organisation has seen him take the role of empowering residents to lead, create, develop and sustain new social networks, cultural activities and community groups & while in meetings, he comes up with strategies to manage the projects & workshops in a way that makes best use of the resources available.

Kanja likes DIY projects, listening to music and has a passion for volunteering work. His favourite food is nyama choma, ugali, kahurura, managu & mitungo. He always supports the odds and is a Gunners follower.

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