Uniting and supporting kenyan diaspora residing in SE & Kent.

We are all about facilitating integration and fostering social inclusion by encouraging members to actively contribute in giving back to the British/Kenyan society as their newfound home and country, and also give back to our community back home through charity. Learnmore

Who We Are

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite and support Kenyan Diaspora residing in SE & Kent by bringing them together to collectively respond to challenges facing them as a community.


Our Mission

To create support networks and various platforms that will engage and empower group members to maximize their lives through fulfilling their potentials.


Core Value

Founded as a faith-based community that adheres to christian values but welcomes, respects and works with people of all other faiths within our community.


Why join Sekk?

Bereavement Contribution

We contribute £2000 per bereavement from the group account per family and members are free to contribute individually and also encouraged to offer spiritual, moral and emotional support.


Workshops eg Insurances, Taxation and Accountancy, Business and record keeping, Children education, Health, Family Budgeting learning about investments and liabilities.

Kids Festivals & Family Celebrations

We organize kids festivals during their mid-terms or when they close school where they are taught a wide range of topics ranging from studying about Kenya to learning how to interact. We also have celebrations like our annual Christmas Dinner Party where we eat, drink & be merry.

SEKK 1st Anniversary BBQ 2019

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